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What is Action Horizon Institute?

Action Horizon Institute is a social enterprise that positions itself in the center of collaboration with schools, businesses, city governments, and community organizations to collectively impact the outcome of underserved populations by designing a connected learning system which places the student in the center of a personalized learning network.

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Self-Direct a Path into the Future

Whatever the problem is, community is the answer


Personalized Learning Network

Develop relationships with peers, mentors, practitioners, and educators to establish a Professional Network of continuous social and emotional support.


Professional Career Plan

Plot your destination in the future - where do you envision yourself in one year? Three years? Visualizing your future is fun, but a goal without a plan is just a wish.


Personal Learning Environment

Build a system that automatically delivers, receives, and manages relevant knowledge as it's published on the web or entered manually by you and others in your community.

Immersive Bootcamp

Saturday, December 5th at 1pm

300 Carnegie Center Drive, Suite 150


Creative Confidence


Brainstorm, mindmap, outline, storyboard, wireframe, rapid prototype, and iterate based on continuous feedback.




The cloud, domain names, web hosting accounts, content management, and Wordpress.




Showcase your 21st century skills and credentials represented as badges earned from your experiences.

Benefits and Features

Member Profile

Get listed on AHI to showcase your status as a mentor, scholar, practitioner, investor, educator, volunteer, etc to make yourself available to new connections and opportunities for collaboration.

VIP Resources

Exclusive podcasts with social innovation experts from around the world, premium ebooks, and open invitations to events.

Digital Portfolio

We killed the resume. Scholars get free lifetime access to build and manage a personally branded portfolio website on the AHI network. Includes domain, hosting, drag and drop Wordpress theme builder, and more

Online Forum

Post questions, ideas, and insights to the online forum for quick answers to questions and insights for common stumbling points.

Peers & Mentors

Scholars cultivate a lifelong network of high-level, in-depth relationships with like-minded individuals who have a vested interest in helping them become successful throughout the course of their life.

Partner Directory

List your profile with credentials, skills, learning experiences, and the type of services you’re available to be hired to provide.

Feedback Loops

Tools to manage personal and/or team feedback loops/polls/surveys, etc with a private or public group on the AHI platform.

Group Video Calls

Monthly video calls to stay in touch, get face-to-face time for those who can’t make the in-person learning community.

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